The Risks of Excessive Admin Privileges

The Risks of Excessive Admin Privileges In any business, especially SMEs, admin privileges are crucial for managing IT systems. However, when too many people have these privileges or they’re not managed well, it can spell trouble. Let’s examine the potential consequences of excessive admin privileges and ways to mitigate the impact of compromised admin accounts. […]

Essential Eight and Non-Windows Devices

Introduction Cybersecurity isn’t just a Windows-world concern; it’s a universal necessity. Originally tailored for Windows environments, the Essential Eight framework is a set of strategies designed to harden systems against attacks. But what about Mac, Linux, or other operating systems that also face significant security threats? Join us as we explore how the universally relevant […]

The Necessity for Suppliers to Adopt the Essential Eight

Suppliers are an integral part of an organisation’s operations and often have access to sensitive information or critical infrastructure. Here are detailed reasons why it’s essential for suppliers to implement the Essential Eight framework: Supply Chain Security: The security of an organisation is only as strong as its weakest link. Suppliers with inadequate cybersecurity measures […]

The Essential Eight: A Comprehensive Framework for Cybersecurity Excellence

The Essential Eight: A Comprehensive Framework for Cybersecurity Excellence In an era marked by ever increasing and more frequent cyber threats, the Essential Eight framework gives clarity and efficacy, offering organisations a carefully crafted set of strategies that prioritise simplicity, standardisation, ease of use, familiarity, and the crucial balance between protection and business continuity. The […]

Essential Eight Assessment Tools

Essential Eight Assessment Tools Using a tool for Essential Eight assessments has several advantages over manual human assessment, and not just because it’s cost effective. The Australian Cyber Security Centre outlines five good reasons to use a tool: Efficiency: Automated tools can perform assessments much faster than humans, saving valuable time. Accuracy: Tools can reduce […]