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Frame Secure is a leading edge cyber-security firm.
Let our award winning experts keep your systems safe.

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    Let Our Award-Winning Experts Keep You Safe

    Don’t leave your system safety to chance.  Our experts are listed in the top 100 worldwide* at ethical hacking so you know that you’re in good hands.

    Penetration Testing

    Fixed price packaging lets you prioritise your IT security spending and still receive superior results. We are experts in researching and identifying who your potential attackers are, what they’re after and how they’ll attack you.

    Using the same tools and techniques that criminal hackers would use, we get to the root cause of all vulnerabilities.

    Cyber Security Assessments

    Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and sadly no industry or company is completely safe.


    Cyber attacks are successful because current defensive strategies are not well suited to mitigating prolonged attacks by cyber-attackers who are highly organised and well-funded.


    Frame Secure provides the full A-Z of security assessments to show ALL possible vulnerabilities throughout your organisation.

    Managed Security Services

    Frame Secure offers a comprehensive approach to delivering security services such as SIEM, vulnerability services and more.


    Frame Secure offers ‘fit for purpose’ security solutions to ensure your organisation is safeguarded.


    Frame Secure’s consulting and strategy services are designed to help companies close the gap in corporate governance, outsourcing, policy development and enterprise risk management.


    Compliance assessments can be performed for frameworks such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, GDPR, Australian Government PSPF/ISM and more.

    Trusted Experts In Cyber Security & Penetration Testing Australia

    We Prevent Attacks Before They happen

    Our experts will find the vulnerabilities before attackers do.

    We Outsmart The Smartest Threats

    We constantly explore and utilise the latest hacking methods to help keep your business safe from new threats.

    100% Australian Based With 21 Years Experience

    Work with a team that is locally based and provides fast, local and quality service.

    We Work To The Highest Standards

    We Only Provide International Best Practices

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    About Frame Secure

    Frame Secure provides clarity, insight and hands-on delivery of security services to protect your organisation’s sensitive information, ICT systems and digital services.


    Our team specialises in penetration testing and has a strong reputation for being bale to find the hidden threats that others can’t.


    Let us show you how!  Schedule a chat today.

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    We Service Australia-Wide

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