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Frame Secure is partnered with Introspectus, a cutting-edge Essential 8 auditing tool

Rapid Deployment

Accelerate insights with Introspectus: Frame Secure’s rapid deployment unveils real-time security posture, empowering agile decision-making for heightened resilience and proactive defence.

Australian Owned

Introspectus, deployed by Frame Secure leverages ASD’s Essential Eight mitigation startegies foundation, ensuring robust risk management and compliance in every deployment.

Unparalleled Efficiency

Introspectus automates rapid deployment to all endpoints, eliminating laborious manual inspections, maximising operational agility and ensuring a comprehensive path to coverage, effortlessly.

Real-time and Cutting Edge

Stay informed about your cyber risk and compliance levels at all times with Frame Secure’s Essential Eight rapid assessment service. This service uses the Australian developed Introspectus Assessor platform to rapidly conduct an audit of your environment, identifying any Essential Eight vulnerabilities. Once deployed, the assessment takes only hours to provide assurance that security controls are in place and working effectively across your organisation. The assessment also highlights failures in controls and provides advice for remediation.

This provides a benchmark for your ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Level ranking, helping you to map out your Essential Eight remediation strategy. This service is ideal for streamlined IT teams that may not have the time to dedicate to auditing the Essential Eight controls. In just a few hours, you can gain a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities and the priorities for remediation.

Frame Secure’s essential eight rapid assessment service swiftly evaluates your cyber risk and compliance levels, providing assurance of effective security controls and guidance for remediation. Ideal for busy IT teams, it offers a clear understanding of vulnerabilities and supports compliance with ACSC essential eight standards.

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